Vision Expo East postponed to May 25 – 28

Vision Expo East postponed to May 25 – 28

The Vision Council and Reed Exhibitions, organizers of Vision Expo, today announce that Vision Expo East 2021, originally scheduled to take place from March 18–21, will now take place May 25–28, 2021 (Education: May 25–28; Exhibition: May 26–28) at the Javits Center in New York City. The date change reflects a proactive decision by the Show’s organizers in the interest of providing more time for companies to effectively plan their participation during this challenging period for the optical marketplace.

“While we are more eager than ever to bring the vision care community together as soon as possible, the needs of our members and the industry at large is our number one concern. The decision to host Vision Expo East in May instead of March is the result of thoughtful and frequent communication with our members over the past few months, during which we learned that due to the pandemic and the uncertain environment for holding events, finalizing Q1 plans is proving to be a challenge for many members of the optical community,” said Mitch Barkley, Vice President of Trade Shows and Events at The Vision Council. “With this in mind, as well as the health and safety of the community, we have made the decision now to host the event in late May to give our members and exhibitors at Vision Expo the time they need to make their plans.”

“2021 marks the 35th Anniversary of Vision Expo East and we are very excited to bring the community together to celebrate this milestone,” said Fran Pennella, Vice President of Vision Expo at Reed Exhibitions. “Over the next few months, we will be working closely with The Vision Council on finalizing the Show’s programming and neighborhoods. While 2021 may look different than years past, we are energized by the resilience the industry has demonstrated in the face of COVID-19. Our community is only as strong as its friendships, associations, and business relationships, which is why we are working diligently to host a Vision Expo event where new relationships are forged and friends can meet face to face again.”
Additional details on Vision Expo East’s new neighborhoods, educational programming and special features will be announced in the coming months.

Coburn Technologies introduces the new Acuity Max Soft Polisher

Coburn Technologies introduces the new Acuity Max Soft Polisher

New Acuity Max Soft Polisher

Coburn Technologies is pleased to introduce the latest technology in conventional lens processing that eliminates the need for traditional hard tools. Developed in conjunction with the CTL65 Compact Lens Generator which the company introduced several years ago, Coburn’s new Acuity Max Soft Polisher revolutionizes lens processing for the conventional lab.

This Cut-to-Polish System is an ideal solution for conventional labs seeking the most efficient and accurate lens processing technology without the high cost of a complete digital system. Acuity Max uses versatile soft tools in a two-step polishing process, eliminating the need for bulky, labor-intensive hard tools and traditional fining and polishing pads.

“We listened to the customer and discovered the desire for conventional lens processing labs to innovate their systems in the age of expensive digital systems,” states Ram Narayanan, Executive Director of Coburn Technologies’ Asia Market. “Our CTL65 Compact Lens Generator already produces an excellent surface finish. Paired with Acuity Max, operators can skip the fining process, eliminate hard tools, and use innovative soft tools to produce more accurate lens powers than traditional hard lap tools.”

Adding Acuity Max to your new or existing CTL65 Compact Lens Generator will save time, labor, space, and utilities in any lab.

Luxexcel prepares for the next phase of growth in the smart glasses market

Luxexcel prepares for the next phase of growth in the smart glasses market

3d printed smartglasses lens

Luxexcel introduced its volume manufacturing solution to 3D print smart prescription lenses to the smart eyewear market, and has subsequently strengthened its leadership team to support this move. The company is now geared to enable high-tech companies to make a better smart eyewear product while at the same time, addressing the vision correction needs of their customers.

Fabio Esposito, Chief Executive Officer at Luxexcel says, “Our mature volume manufacturing solution enables our customers to combine prescription with smart technology to create regular-looking lenses with advanced smart features, yet personalized to the user’s prescription requirements. The platform is scalable and offers the flexibility to create large volumes of products with individualized specifications, such as prescription power.”

Luxexcel’s 3D printing solution encompasses proprietary hardware, material, and software. The 3D printing solution prints on different materials, including various plastic and glass types, and also fulfills customers’ airgap requirements. As a result, smart devices such as waveguides, holographic films, and LCD screens are embedded inside a lens and prescription power is printed on top or around it. The result is a lens with embedded devices presented as one seamlessly integrated element.

Luxexcel enables smart glasses manufacturers to make a unique device with the patient’s customized prescription resulting in a better visual experience for the user. “The benefit for end-users is that they no longer need to wear their prescription glasses underneath their smart eyewear goggles. They can now experience both corrective vision and augmented reality in one single product,” says Esposito.

Esposito continues that Luxexcel’s leadership team consists of all the skills required to help customers bring smart products to the eyewear market. The leadership team includes:
• Fabio Esposito is the Chief Executive Officer and leads Luxexcel, as the first company globally to 3D print smart prescription lenses, to strategic, financial, and operational growth.
• Guido Groet is the Chief Strategy Officer responsible for strategic relationships with high-tech companies and strategic investors aiming to customize Luxexcel’s unique 3D print technology.
• Joost van Abeelen is the Chief Product Officer responsible for material, hardware and software development and 3D printing strategies, developing the world’s first commercial 3D printing platform for smart prescription lenses.
• Alexander van der Touw is the Chief Financial Officer and uses his expertise in finance and investments to ensure continued market growth in the smartwear market.
• Xander van Mechelen is the Chief Commercial Officer who supports partners to transition from traditional eyewear to the world of 3D printed lenses by creating new go-to-market offerings such as electrochromic prescription lenses.