Fifth LensWare Convention in Langen (Germany)

The global LensWare team. Source: LensWare

From 3rd to 8th of July the fifth LensWare Convention took place. For this purpose, the office crew and all international consultants met for one week in Langen, to integrally discuss about latest developments in projects, modules and requirements, and to furtherly agree the strategy in the different markets. After an evolutionary growth over the last 15 years, meanwhile about 250 lab partner LMS IT projects are managed by 22 committed “LensWare crew” members in all continents of the world. At this year´s convention decisive topics were discussed. For instance the concentration on the extension of the “production LMS” by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) components (sales, inventory) and supply chain logistics components, as well as the innovated version of LensOrder WEB, licensed by different LensWare partners. Furthermore, different events in the evening cared for team relaxation after the laborious technical sessions. LensWare furtherly will put emphasis on organic growth and a perfect customer support, as well as on achieving maximum stability and implementing features for monitoring of the LMS package, to maximize availability of this utter complex IT solution.

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