Visibly launched online visual acuity test version 3.0

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Visibly, an innovator in the healthcare industry and developer of the world’s first FDA-cleared online visual acuity test launched version 3.0 of their in-office integration. Version 3.0 includes enhanced training and onsite setup so any size location can confidently utilize this technology. More than ever, Visibly’s cutting-edge technology allows locations to extend appointment availability and enables doctors to maximize their time providing proper vision care to a larger patient base.

This technology provides vision care access to optical retailer locations with limited or no doctor coverage. Additionally, Visibly provides independent eye care professionals (ECP) an “always on” vision care solution. Whether an ECP is out of the office, maintains non-standard hours, or needs extended weekend coverage, Visibly’s patented solution allows doctors to spend more time providing eye health expertise to the patients who need it most.

Brent Rasmussen, CEO of Visibly, emphasized, “The integration of Visibly’s visual acuity test performed in-office provides a huge opportunity for any size organization, from national optical retailers to independent eye care professionals, to expand access to care and capture additional product sale revenue.”

Over 70 percent of patients who took the Visibly test in-office purchased eyewear or contact lenses from the same provider and has the potential to drive sustainable growth for product sales capture rate.

The seamless integration of Visibly’s patented dual-device in-store vision test, partnered with the expertise of skilled opticians and technicians, has proven to uphold the clinical patient experience. As part of their comprehensive approach, the Visibly team is dedicated to providing onsite setup and training to help locations increase their appointment availability right from the start. This training enables staff to effectively market to their patient base whose demographics align with Visbly’s recommended age, health, and vision profiles.

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