Essilor and Luxottica establish new learning platform for their more than 100,000 employees

Offering employees and customers a personalized learning journey with the latest digital solutions and best-in-class content: this is the objective of the Company’s online training platforms, Luxottica University and Essilor University. “We are proud to announce the convergence between Essilor and Luxottica training platforms towards a shared learning environment” announced the company.

From this month onwards, over 100,000 Essilor and Luxottica employees as well as 163,000 Luxottica wholesale clients will be using the same learning technology, offering a consistent and unified learning experience for all.

Featuring both internal and external content, the platform is accessible from anywhere via mobile or desktop. It features virtual classrooms which offer a transformative learning experience: an interactive way of distance learning that reaches a broader audience and challenges conventional concepts of classrooms training.

Together, Essilor and Luxottica are creating a new learning culture for the benefit of its employees and customers alike, allowing them to continuously expand their skills and reach their full potential.

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