Coburn Technologies introduces new express lens edger

Coburn Technologies has released the next generation in their lens edging technology, their fastest edger to-date, the HPE-910 Exxpert Express Lens Edger. The faster edging speed is the result of smart processing and quick mapping, completing a job in 80 seconds.

“HPE-910 is the successor to our 810 and 8000X models,” states Wayne Labrecque, Vice President of Sales for Coburn Technologies. “Processing is now up to 50% faster than the HPE-8000X Exxpert Lens Edger, whether you’re edging spectacle, sport, fashion or rimless lenses.” The new technology is equipped with 7 step bevel types and 5 edging styles, creating a sturdy fit for frames. Coburn points out that it is easy to process high curve lenses and lenses with various coatings due to a more powerful wheel and flexible adaptive chuck and that complex processing, including variable asymmetric, is fast and easy due to height adjustability. Other available grooving includes semi-U, partial grooving/beveling, hybrid grooving and dual grooving. Operators can also utilize the retouch function after processing to further refine the fitting. The new system safely processes lenses with an upgraded roughing wheel, adaptive chuck, and hydrophobic mode. Multiple configurations are available, including an optional drill, and can be paired with any of Coburn’s Exxpert and Excelon finishing products.

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