Satisloh launches new AR coating to eliminate foggy lenses

Satisloh Fog-Free is the company’s solution to eliminating the annoying issue of foggy eyeglasses. Fog-Free consists of two elements: a new coating process for Satisloh vacuum box coaters and pre-treated consumer microfiber cloths, which activate the anti-fog functionality. Demand for this product has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, since face masks have become an essential part of daily life and eyeglass wearers face the challenge of their lenses fogging up continually.

How Satisloh Fog-Free works
The new process for Satisloh box coaters is applied to both sides of lenses during anti-reflective (AR) coating. These coated lenses are ready for the initial activation of the anti-fog effect, which can be done either in the lab or at the optician. The second element of Fog-Free is a pre-treated microfiber cloth which reactivates the anti-fog functionality with daily use. Activation is simple: just like a common microfiber cleaning cloth, wipe the front and backsides of lenses and the anti-fog effect is reactivated. One cloth typically lasts up to three months before it needs replacing. The combination of the Fog-Free coating process and the activation cloth’s Fog-Free substance results in a superior and long lasting anti-fog effect that outperforms conventional anti-fog sprays and wipes.

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