Mojo Vision and Menicon announce joint development agreement on smart contact lens products

Mojo Vision, the Invisible Computing company, and the contact lens manufacturer Menicon announced that both companies have entered into a joint development agreement on September 21, 2020. Mojo Vision is developing Mojo Lens, the first true smart contact lens, a technology breakthrough backed by years of scientific research and numerous patents. Using augmented reality (AR), Mojo Lens overlays images, symbols and text on users’ natural field of vision without obstructing their view, restricting mobility or hindering social interactions.

Through the agreement, Mojo and Menicon will conduct a series of feasibility studies that tap the expertise of each company – applying Menicon’s decades of experience in gas permeable lens R&D and manufacturing to Mojo’s smart contact lens microelectronics, systems integration and consumer products innovation. Areas of collaboration will center around contact lens materials, cleaning, and fitting, among other topics. If the feasibility studies prove successful, Mojo and Menicon may consider a more extensive working relationship in the future.

“Our development agreement with Menicon is a significant step forward for Mojo and Mojo Lens,” said Drew Perkins, CEO and Co-founder of Mojo Vision. “While we continue making progress in developing our smart contact lens technology, our collaboration with Menicon will provide us valuable insights that can accelerate our progress. Menicon’s team of seasoned professionals will bring significant contact lens research and development expertise to Mojo. We look forward to a long, productive working relationship.”

“This agreement with Mojo is a key step forward in our expansion of Menicon’s technology initiatives” commented Dr Hidenari Tanaka, President of Menicon Co Ltd. “Menicon has aimed to deliver safe, secure and innovative contact lenses to customers as a pioneer in contact lenses for 70 years and we constantly strive to improve the quality of life of contact lens wearers worldwide. Mojo is an innovative company with a technology platform and a vision for the future of contact lens wear that aligns with Menicon’s aspirations. We believe that both companies can bring together skill sets and technologies that will support the successful development of a truly breakthrough product.”

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