Reimagine: Novel lens surfacing technology from Coburn Technologies

Coburn Technologies, a leading provider of  end-to-end customer solutions to the world’s ophthalmic lens processing industries and eye care professionals, has officially launched the Reimagine Campaign to announce new technology advancements in lens processing.

Coburn understands why labs prefer to use alloy for lens processing; however, traditional methods for deblocking and reclaim with alloy are unsafe, messy, and outdated. It is time to rethink lens deblocking and alloy reclaim, so Coburn has done just that by developing a completely waterless lens deblocking system and a first-of-its-kind alloy recovery system.

Reimage your lab with Coburn’s fully automated post polishing system with novel technology for clean, safe, and ecofriendly lens processing. Coburn introduces the Agility Autodeblocker and Integrity Alloy Recovery System, completing their automated post polishing line and changing the landscape of lens processing.

The Agility Autodeblocker is the first of its kind as an automatic, waterless lens deblocker. The Agility separates lenses from blocks using mechanical power rather than water jets or human energy. In one, swift mechanical motion, the Agility divides two lenses from their blocks simultaneously. The separated lenses and blocks are then passed on to the Integrity by conveyor.

“Agility is extremely fast, capable of deblocking over 200 lenses per hour, and versatile, able to process a wide range of lens geometries,” said Coburn Technologies President Alex Incera.

The Integrity System rethinks alloy recovery. Traditional reclaim systems completely melt alloy pucks in a hot water tank to remove them from blocks. The Integrity system uses induction heating technology to melt a very thin layer of alloy where it engages the block, allowing the alloy puck to separate cleanly and completely intact. The collected alloy pucks can be placed directly into the reservoir of a lens blocker without having to remelt them beforehand. The blocks are collected or neatly stacked for reuse. As a completely waterless system, Integrity significantly improves lab cleanliness and safety.

Agility and Integrity will be featured and demonstrated at Vision Expo West from September 23-25, 2021 in Las Vegas,

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