flō announces collaboration with Weizmann Institute of Science regarding advanced materials for optical use

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The israeli start-up flō has signed an exclusive license agreement with Yeda Research and Development regarding the use of Weizmann Advanced Materials used for optical coatings to be applied via flō’s proprietary Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology. These optical coatings were developed by Prof. Milko van der Boom and his team.

flō seeks to transform the ophthalmic market by providing digitized coating solutions through Additive Manufacturing technology via unique multi-material and multi-layering techniques. This innovative approach provides ophthalmic labs with new possibilities regarding coating options that are both improved in terms of functionalities and that are offered at a lower price states the company.

Given the complexity of the technology, it was imperative for flō to partner with the prestigious institution – the Weizmann Institute of Science. flō’s CEO & Chairman Jonathan Jaglom stated.

“We are humbled by this partnership. The Institute’s vast know-how regarding advanced materials in optics, coupled with its amazing academic talent, gives us unprecedented access to innovation resources. We have the advanced technology, staff, and the right partnerships in place – a recipe for success.”

The Challenge

Optical lenses invariably require suitable protective coatings. These coatings range in function and vary according to customer needs. Today’s coating technology is non-digital (analog), whereby lenses are typically dipped into a solution (wet processes). However, this process is time costly, labor intensive, and is often performed manually. Furthermore, because this process is analog, repeatability becomes more difficult, often resulting in defects. According to Dr. Vered Pardo Yissar, Business Development Director:

“flō is uniquely positioned to bring new and innovative solutions regarding ophthalmic coatings. These unique multi-material and multi-layered coatings can be used to accurately apply a variety of coating dyes. We are very excited about the developments already in place between the respective teams.”

The Solution

A digital process using flō’s proprietary technology offers vast improvements in optical coatings regarding functionality, cost, quality, sustainability, and more. The ability to control the coating process down to the level of micro-sized pixels opens a wide new range of design possibilities. flō’s CTO & Founder, Dr. Claudio Rottman, stated:

“The partnership with the Weizmann Institute provides new possibilities for ophthalmic coatings, and the combination of advanced materials with AM technology will lead to significant breakthroughs. Having Israel’s brightest minds to help us in our search for new solutions makes this partnership even more exciting.”

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