New OptoTech VISTA – Automated Cosmetic Inspection System

OptoTech VISTA: Source: Optotech

The new OptoTech VISTA is especially designed for detecting and localizing defects on ophthalmic lenses. Its integrated optical system screens the lens surface for any irregularities and reliably localizes a comprehensive range of different defect categories that are almost invisible to the human eye (Minimal defect size 50μm). It is also optimized to detect coating defects which makes the system suitable for quality control after the coating process. State of the art algorithms result in minimal evaluation time of approx. 12 seconds/lens and thus allow a productivity of up to 300 lenses/h. The intelligent system uses Big Data for targeted decision making. Configurable error zones (different number and error size per zone) are possible to adapt the VISTA to the Lab‘s individual quality standards. The VISTA comes in a new design concept that combines functionality and a compact footprint for easy integration with a modern look. Visit

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