Satisloh launches new polishing machines: Multi-FLEX-2 and Multi-FLEX-2E

Source: Satisloh

Satisloh launches its new generation of fully automated Rx-lens polishing machines. An excellent polishing process is integral to producing superior quality lenses. Because Satisloh continuously strives to help their customers reach peak efficiency and quality, they are releasing two new digital polishers so labs can choose the one that best meets their production needs.

• Multi-FLEX-2E features two independently-controlled polishing chambers with two tool spindles. This is ideal for labs just entering automation or looking to process up to 70 lenses per hour.
• Multi-FLEX-2 is designed for high volume Rx lens manufacturing lines with varied production needs. It provides full automation with three independently-controlled polishing chambers, each with two spindles and an optional tool wear monitoring system. The design allows labs to process up to three lenses simultaneously with different specifications, material, geometry, or surface requirements. Multi-FLEX 2 can polish up to 100 lenses per hour with the Satisloh Top Speed process.

“We are incredibly proud of introducing two new digital polishing systems to the market. The machines expand on the breakthrough polishing technology we developed in 2015 for the first generation Multi-FLEX units, installed in labs around the world and producing more than 300.000 lenses per day. With Multi-FLEX-2 and Multi-FLEX-2E we are further refining reliability, speed and the overall uptime. Both machines feature a revolutionary handling concept combined with redesigned components for even better polishing quality,” said Mark Hollmann, Sr. Product Manager RX & Industrial Finishing, Satisloh.

The Multi-FLEX-2 and Multi-FLEX-2E truly put flexibility first and offer full automation. They are the second machine line after the ART-deblocker-2 in Satisloh’s range of machines in their new industrial design.

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