Mimesys – a lens that adapts to the user

Mimesys, the latest innovation from Horizons Optical, was unveiled at the Mido digital trade show from 5 to 7 June. According to the company, Mimesys, an ecosystem of technologies, is a real revolution, transforming the whole concept of progressive lenses as we know it.

By diagnosing gaze dynamics, Mimesys delivers a progressive lens that mimics with the way the patient looks.
Just like walking or running, everyone has a unique way of looking the world that is formed during childhood and develops over the years. The use of progressive lenses has a serious impact on how we look at things, and often requires user adaptation. The challenge with progressive lenses is making sure the product is adapted to each user’s way of looking.

Using a unique ecosystem of technologies, Mimesys learns, interprets, and creates the ideal progressive solution for each patient. By carrying out a controlled and noise free clinical user tests, it can gather high-quality aggregated data regarding the changes happening in a patient’s environment.

Incorporating the study and interpretation of gaze dynamics, it makes a precise and reproducible diagnosis. Then, using a brand-new design technique, it creates a progressive lens that is tailored to the patient.

It is no longer the user that adapts to the progressive lens, but rather the lens that adapts to the user, a paradigm change in how we develop, offer and use progressive lenses.
Mimesys is making this disruptive technology available to ophthalmic laboratories, allowing them to offer a unique, immersive experience in store using VR, aiming to transform the retail experience as we know it.

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