SCHNEIDER appoints Francois Breton to manage the Chemical Department

Francois Breton joins SCHNEIDER to manage and further develop the Chemical Department.

“We are excited to have Francois on our team. With his excellent knowledge and years of experience in the chemical industry, he is a great asset for our development of new technologies”, says CEO and founder Gunter Schneider.

Breton has a PhD in Organic Chemistry, is well-known for his great expertise with lacquers and looks back on 23 years of experience in the Optical Industry. Before joining SCHNEIDER, he founded multiple global Joint Ventures, e.g. with the Institute of Nanotechnology of Tatarstan, Russia.

“I am very happy to now be a part of SCHNEIDER, which is considered to be the most innovative optical manufacturing company in the world”, Breton says, “and I am excited for what the future holds”.

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