IOT webinars for education during confinement

The research and development company in the field of optics says it wants to enliven the weeks of confinement with its own webinars that encourage to strengthen knowledge in a pleasant and productive way.

IOT has decided to publish weekly different webinars that seek to entertain and also teach and review various general and fundamental aspects of optics.

With the aim of offering a quality teaching adapted to as many users as possible, the webinars are being broadcast virtually and, in several languages, specifically, in Spanish, English, Italian and even Mandarin.

The call for these webinars is sent by e-mail, through which interested people can sign up with just a click. In addition, these courses are also promoted through the company’s social networks, thus offering an alternative way for all who are interested in them.

IOT recommends signing up as soon as possible for the webinar in which the user is interested because of the limited capacity.


This week the topic is Ophthalmic lenses for digital life.

April 30, webinar in Spanish / 12 PM ( GTM +5), Bogotá – 7PM  (Madrid)

April 30, webinar in English / 11 AM (GMT +2) Madrid

April 30, webinar in English / 9AM PDT- 12 PM EDT







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