OptoTech developed FOG Protect coating process

Wearing a face mask, fast temperature changes, doing outside sports, opening the oven or the dishwasher – almost every wearer of spectacle lenses is facing the problem of foggy lenses. To solve this problem, OptoTech developed the new FOG Protect coating process.

FOG Protect is a combination of a special process that replaces the last hydrophobic layer, special FOG Protect pills (available in a Basic and Premium version) and pre-treated microfibre cloths. In the Basic version, the FOG Protect properties have to be activated once a day with the cloth, in the longer lasting Premium version only once a week, giving the wearer maximum comfort by ensuring maximum fog protection.

The result is a “no foggy” lens for a long-lasting clear vision and better scratch resistance. One pill lasts for both lens sides. FOG Protect is available for every AR-coating machine (also non-OptoTech) and it is no change of machine parts necessary. It can be applied on RX-lenses, sunglasses, sport lenses and more

Working Principle FOG Protect. Source: OptoTech

From standard AR processes, to ultimate performance coatings, the team at OptoTech gives full support in optimizing the coating process to specific needs. OptoTech also offers a full range of comprehensive lens testing services for “peace of mind’ and to ensure that the coatings are meeting the intended standards.

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