HCP Cureblindness and SightLife join forces

Source: HCP Cureblindeness/ SightLife International

HCP Cureblindness and SightLife International, leading global eye health nonprofits, announced they have joined forces as one organization to make a greater impact in eye care worldwide. Effective immediately, HCP Cureblindness will acquire the SightLife International Program, the global division of the broader SightLife organization, with full integration of systems, programs, and brand to come over the next twelve months.

This transition marks the next step of an ever-growing relationship between the two organizations. For 13 years, HCP Cureblindness and SightLife International have collaborated on multiple projects in clinical training, eye bank development, advocacy and prevention in Nepal and Ethiopia.

“Together, our respective expertise will have a substantial and long-term impact on the world’s most underserved communities, helping to enable local eye care access for the future,” said HCP Cureblindness CEO, K-T Overbey. “Building on our shared commitment to training, while also combining HCP Cureblindness’ deep expertise in specialized care delivery and infrastructure development with SightLife International’s expertise in primary care and policy and advocacy, we will ensure millions of men, women, and children across Asia and Africa have access to the eye care they need to thrive.”

Additionally, by combining the regions in which they each serve, their work can go farther, faster toward the mission of eliminating blindness due to cataracts – and now also corneal blindness – worldwide, which together impact nearly 70 million people globally.

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