Adaptive lens technology exceeded funding goal within hours

Source: DeepOptics

DeepOptics, the inventor of a novel adaptive lens technology, unveiled its new product 32°N, the first adaptive focus sunglasses, on Kickstarter, and already exceeded its funding goal within a few hours. The sunglasses enable a number of different reading prescriptions with a single pair of glasses.

The sunglasses feature pixelated liquid crystal (LC) layers that are split into tiny pixels, capable of rotation at every point of the panel. When the users swipe, they activate the tiny processor embedded in the glasses’ temple. The processor calculates the user’s personal data and sends that data to form the desired lens prescription. Millions of tiny pixels inside the lens change their electrical state according to the new data to form the lens and bring the close object into focus. Investors of DeepOptics include Essilor and Samsung Ventures.

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