MEI opens branch in Bangalore

MEI, the global leader for lens edging machines, continues its worldwide growth and announces the opening of its new branch in Bangalore to cater to customers’ increasing demands. Starting from a customer service office, the company has decided to maximize the effectiveness of the technical and commercial support provided in India, inaugurating an official branch running since the 1st of April, 2023.

India is a significant market for MEI, and this step is part of the company’s continuous efforts to serve its customers best and make its products and services as widely available as possible.

Rodolfo Scatigna, MEI’s General Manager, highlights the relevance of MEI’s continuous global development: “We want to continue to pursue our Mission, which can be summarized as being as close as possible to our customers, also in the strategic Indian market. We are proud to have our official subsidiary in Bangalore now and look forward to further increasing our presence worldwide”.


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