tooz technologies launched smart glasses in China

The centerpiece of the tooz smart glass technology is the curved lens with several refractive and reflective free-form surfaces.

tooz technologies has developed an optical platform which enables cost-effective, unobtrusive and turnkey smart glass solutions. In December 2020, the German start-up, a spin-off from Zeiss and today a Zeiss-Telekom joint-venture, launched its first smart glasses developer kit in China. Software developers are hereby given the opportunity to explore the potential of this eyewear revolution for day-to-day use in one of the most promising future markets.

tooz launched its so called “tooz DevKit 20” first and foremost in China in December 2020. The introduction in Europe and further markets around the globe will follow sequentially this year. By providing the smart glasses and a collection of software development tools, tooz explicitly approaches the developer community. The aim is to explore value-adding use cases, to enable the creation of compatible applications for end consumers and to get feedback for the final stage of the product development process.

Connected via Bluetooth to a mobile device, tooz smart glasses discreetly deliver content into the wearer’s peripheral, enhancing the essential function of everyday glasses. The centerpiece of the solution is the unobtrusive optical engine with its several refractive and reflective free-form surfaces. In the near future, the injection-molded, curved lenses will also be available with prescription. With the tooz DevKit 20, tooz developed a seamlessly integrated smart glass solution which ensures an appealing form factor of the glasses: The lenses including waveguide and prescription can be cut and edged in various shapes. In combination with specifically designed frames, the individual style and design preferences of end consumers will be served.

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