Vitaloni explains the new dates for Mido

Following the evolution of the spreading of the Coronavirus, Mido 2020 was rescheduled for Sunday, 5 to Tuesday, 7 July 2020. Mido’s president, Giovanni Vitaloni, has explained the Board of Directors reasoning behind the new dates in Mido’s online magazine.

“It is important to understand that we operated and are operating in a context of total health emergency. We had to work in a very complex situation: it was necessary to make binding decisions in a very short amount of time,” Vitaloni stated.

The decision for the date in July was based on several grounds. One was that for available dates in May, the risks that the health emergency could be extended to that period seemed still too high in Northern Italy. Vitaloni emphasized, that the postponement of Mido and of the other trade fairs in Milan was a unanimous decision, made in agreement with the Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, and Fiera Milano.

With the decision to start the fair on July 5th, a Sunday, instead of Saturday, the US visitors and exhibitors should also be given the opportunity to celebrate their Independence Day on July 4th, according to Vitaloni. Read the whole statement here.




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