Schneider goes contact lenses and IOL

Schneider UPC 100 Vision und UPC nano

Schneider is entering the market for contact lens and IOL manufacturing technology with two new solutions for single-point diamond turning.

The fully featured UPC 100 Vision is designed for the manufacturing of mold inserts with surface roughness values in the 1-2 nm range, individualized contact lenses or hydrophilic and hydrophobic IOLs.

The machine combines hydrostatic linear guides and aerostatic spindle technology. Its perpendicular arrangement of Fast Tool axis and X-axis allows for direct coupling of dynamic forces into the super rigid hydrostatic guiding.

The device uses one single main controller to drive the entire machine, including the optional Fast Tool which can process a wide range of custom-fit freeform geometries like scleral, orthokeratology, toric, or any lens to correct high order aberration.

The UPC nano includes an integrated Fast Tool for freeform manufacturing and comes with on board spherical, non-spherical and freeform capabilities to manufacture all types of contact lenses.

The design allows for air cooling or spray mist lubricated dry machining and wet machining for contact lenses and IOLs. Thanks to the machine’s small and compact size as well as its light weight it can be operated virtually everywhere.

For high volume requirements, UPC nano can be equipped with an optional automation system for non-stop automated processing of larger batches without operator intervention. It can also be enhanced with an optional scanhead based laser engraving system.

All Schneider UPC machines comply with international safety standards.







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