Jean-Claude Hache, a man of commitment

Silmo announced news of the death of Professor Jean-Claude Hache with a great deal of sorrow. A doctor of science, neuro-ophthalmologist and professor in ophthalmology, he was the first in France to develop a visual function exploration department at the CHRU of Lille, which is still providing invaluable services in the fields of healthcare and learning. His research was characterized by a diversity of approaches, from the most fundamental to the clinical and to technology transfer.
But beyond his research, Jean-Claude Hache was also a man of commitment, always eager to contribute his work to a number of institutions. A close collaborator and friend of Guy Charlot, he created Silmo Academy and was its Chairman until 2017. The two men – both honest, sincere, direct and enthusiastic – shared the same energy for improving the view of their contemporaries, as well as for building bridges between professionals, and in particular those that they grouped under the acronym 3O: Ophthalmologists, Orthoptists and Opticians.
An open-minded man with a straightforward style who remained accessible, Jean-Claude Hache was one of the foremost spokespeople for the scientific optical field. He lectured the world over and was the author or a number of international publications recognised for their pertinence.
The members of the Silmo Board of Directors and the Silmo Academy coordination team, extend their warmest condolences to his spouse, children, grandchildren and entire family. He has left a profound impression on his students, colleagues and friends.
Said Amelie Morel, Chairwoman of Silmo

Jean-Claude Hache left us with `certitude`, discretion and trust. That was his way. We would have liked to have been by his side for his last terrestrial voyage, but he probably preferred not to disturb his friends all over the world. By asking to postpone the announcement of his departure, he once again demonstrated his attentiveness, consideration and understanding for other people, for which we knew him. We appreciated the clear, firm, productive stances that he took on each of the subjects to which he was committed. Just as he investigated the functional analysis of vision, and just as he enthusiastically taught his students, he will now explore the great beyond for his family and friends. Surely he will express his thoughts and will watch over those who are still on the journey. He was the Chairman of Silmo Academy for many years, and he appreciated pragmatic,
convivial education. We were very close and had been devoted to each other since the beginning of our careers, and he passed along Silmo Academy to my care. We’ll see you again Jean-Claude, you will be with us.
Said Christian Corbe, Chairman of Silmo Academy,


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