Schneider offers new CMMS

In order to provide preventive maintenance and remote support in times of the new normal, Schneider has developed a computerized maintenance management system, CMMS. It enables labs to perform maintenance reliably like professionals. The system provides intelligence on how to do maintenance and troubleshoot, assisting labs with maintenance plans, step-by-step video tutorials, manuals and ready-made parts packages.

On top, the system offers remote service support utilizing augmented reality glasses or tablets for most effective troubleshooting assistance. Seeing exactly what the technician sees, the Schneider professionals assess the situation in real-time and direct the technician’s every step.

CMMS comes preconfigured with full documentation, check lists, videos, predefined workflows and a spare parts catalogue on-board – customized for the individual lab. As machines change, the documentation is always kept up-to-date to reflect the current status.




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