International organization for Spectacle and Contact Lens Opticians formed

Foto von David Travis auf Unsplash
Foto von David Travis auf Unsplash

The American Board of Opticianry & National Contact Lens Examiners (ABO & NCLE) and National Federation of Opticianry Schools announced the formation of the United Opticians Association (UOA), a new international organization dedicated to serving the Spectacle and Contact Lens Optician professions.

A united voice for Opticianry

The UOA is the result of years of dedicated efforts by leaders across the world of Opticianry to create a unified body that supports and advances the profession in numerous exciting ways. This association brings together national organizations such as the Opticians Association of America, the National Federation of Opticianry Schools, and the Government and Industry Relations expertise of the ABO & NCLE.
To celebrate this momentous occasion, the ABO & NCLE Board and the National Federation of Opticianry Schools are both offering all ABO & NCLE Certificants and current NFOS Students a complimentary one-year membership to the UOA, valued at $199 and valid through July 1, 2025. This gesture of appreciation is designed to help ABO & NCLE Certificants and NFOS Students take full advantage of the extensive benefits the UOA has to offer.

Ronnie Harbert, the current President of UOA, emphasized the importance of this unification: “By bringing together all of these organizations, we can better spearhead the representation and protection of the opticianry profession. The UOA unites the best of each organization, focusing efforts to provide one United Opticians Association protecting all spectacle and contact lens opticians.”

Membership Benefits

The UOA offers an array of benefits tailored to support professional growth, enhance patient care, and ensure members remain at the forefront of the field. Key benefits include:

  • Professional Growth and Education: Access to state society meetings, workshops, webinars, and leadership conferences. Support for ABO & NCLE Certification, state licensing, and educational grants and scholarships.
  • Advocacy and Government Relations: Representation in legislative and regulatory matters, with efforts to protect and expand the scope of practice for opticians.
  • Networking and Community: Opportunities to connect with over 140,000 Spectacle and Contact Lens Opticians and more than 39,000 UOA members. Discounts on conference registration fees and access to industry innovations.
  • Support for Research and Innovation: Access to research grants and leading opticianry- related publications.
  • Public Awareness and Outreach: Campaigns to raise the profile of the profession and promote the value of vision care services.
  • Exclusive Member Services: Job placement assistance, discounts on optical products, and professional liability insurance.

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