Okia won the Hong Kong Sustainability Award 2020/2021

Okia Optical was awarded for its green consciousness: the company won the Special Recognition for Outstanding Sustainability Initiative (Environmental Dimension) of the Hong Kong Sustainability Award 2020/21 organized by The Hong Kong Management Association.

“This year is particularly important for us as after years of efforts put in increasing our company’s sustainability, our hard works were finally seen in the various awards we won. After years in the eyewear industry, we have built a reliable reputation which further demonstrates our ability to anticipate the trends and our deep commitment to offering products that respect the environment.” says Jacky Lam, Managing Director at Okia.

The sustainability projects of Okia first kicked off in 2018 and until now, the company is still continuing its sustainability journey by developing upcycled products and green materials. The are extremely proud to engaging their suppliers and customers on a more sustainable approach to eyewear while raising awareness on this topic among the eyewear industry.

Upon all these accomplishments of Okia, they are also the only eyewear service provider to win the award. “This award will no doubt motivate our efforts to continue our road on creating a better future for this industry by improving the sustainability of eyewear.” announced the company.

Jacky Lam, Managing Director at Okia. Source: Okia


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