Zeiss invests in new digital platform for on-demand additive manufacturing services

Additive manufacturing is increasingly becoming a part of the industrial production chain in many different industries like medical technology, aerospace, energy or automotive. Zeiss supports this trend with quality assurance solutions across the complete additive manufacturing process and has already established collaborations with leading suppliers for manufacturing solutions to further improve additive manufacturing processes. Now Zeiss is expanding its activities in this area with its investment in the start-up MakerVerse.

MakerVerse is a joint venture initiative between industry-leaders Siemens Energy, Zeiss and financial/venture capital investors, including 9.5 ventures. The new company combines cutting-edge industry expertise with profound knowledge in digital venture-building. The new venture is creating a one-stop fulfillment platform that connects industrial clients with a global network of certified additive manufacturing suppliers for projects like design prototypes and producing on-demand spare parts.

MakerVerse covers the full technological service spectrum, starting with core 3D printing/additive manufacturing technologies in the initial launch phase and expanding into further relevant on-demand technologies such as CNC and injection molding in the near future. The platform offers features including instant quoting, automated manufacturability checks, streamlined supplier and quality management, and industrial-level quality assurance. MakerVerse will be based in Berlin, with its initial focus on the European market. The public launch of the platform is planned for early-mid 2022

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