A historical mark for the training at Bühler

70 apprentices started their professional training at Bühler in Switzerland in August 2019 – 10 women and 60 men. Together, they have already achieved a milestone for the company in their short professional career. Along with them, more than 8,000 young adults have already completed or are completing the company’s dual vocational training. The group is currently training around 600 apprentices at 25 locations and considers vocational training as one of the most important factors for imparting knowledge within the company and between generations. It enables the company to proactively prevent an impending shortage of skilled labor. This has resulted in vocational training programs, for example, in the USA for which Bühler has obtained governmental approval. 28 former apprentices are currently working for the group on four continents. In order to counter the shortage of skilled labor, interested pupils who have finished school are shown that the company offers more than just training for a single profession. Apprentices get to know different departments with different key activities. Even today, some of the apprentices are able to undergo project management training or work abroad, for example in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, South Africa, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, France or USA.



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