Visibly & NextDayContacts partner with Oggleyes.com

Symbol image: Woman is looking at something.
Symbol image: Woman is looking at something. Source: Foto von Amanda Dalbjörn auf Unsplash

Visibly and NextDayContacts continue to show their commitment to increasing access to proper vision care nationwide with their partnership with Oggleyes. This collaboration fulfills the Oggleyes mission, which is to connect visitors with high-quality eye care services. It achieves this by offering the Visibly’s FDA-cleared online visual acuity test and the service provided by NextDayContacts.

Founded in 2020, Oggleyes.com aims to inform, educate, and connect individuals with the best vision-related services in their area. With the help of Visibly and NextDayContacts, their users’ access to vision care services grew immensely.

Oggleyes’ new platform should put essential vision care information at consumers’ fingertips and is complemented by the speed and efficiency of Visibly and NextDayContacts. With access to Visibly’s online visual acuity test, patients are now able to conveniently renew their prescriptions in the comfort of their homes in as little as six minutes.

“Oggleyes’ visitors are known for seeking excellence in their eye care choices and we are thrilled to partner with them to offer Visibly’s visual acuity test and online contact lens ordering platform. This partnership marks another milestone in expanding our reach and achieving our mission of increasing access to vision care worldwide,” said Brent Rasmussen, CEO of Visibly.

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