StopWaste Award goes to Zeiss Innovation Center California

Leadership in Sustainability at Work
Source: Zeiss

Zeiss received the StopWaste Award for its Innovation Center in Dublin, California. The StopWaste Award recognizes Alameda County organizations for their efforts in upstream waste prevention through reuse, recycling, and composting. Furthermore, the program honors continuous efforts to improve environmental performance and business efficiency.

Just over a year ago, in March 2021, the company opened the newly constructed Zeiss Innovation Center California that houses customer experience and demonstration centers showcasing recent innovations, as well as research laboratories, service and production facilities. The Center also serves as US headquarters for the Medical Technology and more.
The high-tech building, accommodating approximately 800 workspaces, meets high green energy and sustainability standards. The facility is powered by solar energy, supported by a use-based light and air controls and a heat recovery system. The outdoor irrigation system only uses recycled water.

The Environmental Health and Safety team has created a dedicated waste management program at the Innovation Center to ensure correct waste separation. Continuous webinars and training programs help employees understand the aim of the program and teach how to actively reduce waste while at work. Furthermore, paper cups have been replaced by ceramic mugs for a less-waste coffee break. The hazardous waste management program has been streamlined in order to have scheduled pickups only four times a year. This minimizes the vehicular carbon footprint. In addition, throughout the year dedicated household hazardous waste days for Zeiss employees are organized where they can bring in non-standard waste and sensitive documents to be shredded and disposed.

On the property of the Innovation Center California sits a wetland that is home to a few unique species of bacteria that only exist here. This wetland along with special bioretention areas is actively protected and maintained.

Zeiss has set up a constant process of evaluation and re-evaluation of all environmental and safety programs on site, aiming to refine methods and learn every day.

Source: Zeiss Group


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