The Vision Council announces updated Data Communications Standard

Alexandria, VA – The Vision Council’s Lens Processing and Technology (LPT) Division is pleased to announce that the Data Communications Standard Committee—with Robert Shanbaum of Ocuco Inc. as chair—approved version 3.12 of the Data Communication Standard.

The Data Communication Standard aims to simplify interconnection of products between manufacturers of optical lab equipment and producers of optical lab software. The standard establishes a method in which machines and software systems used to fabricate ophthalmic lenses can exchange information.

The updated standard includes added definitions for singular and plural records, a modified description of PROC for clarification in plural records, corrections on various structural errors and a new record label, PROCBLK. Besides the added definitions for singular and plural records, the updated version also includes the definition of Grammatical Number for Plural records, while the newly modified PROC record description defines the impact of plural records when included.

Many of the enhancements to the standard have developed over the last year through the volunteer work from members of the committee. A list of revisions made to versions 3.12 and 3.11 are available in the annex portion of the standard.

Please direct any questions related to the standard to Paul Wade, The Vision Council’s LPT division liaison, at or (703)740-2245.

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