Silmo Paris launches a Responsible Company Prize

In the last few years, Silmo  trade fair has begun to address corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSR). With punctual actions that inform and raise awareness, Silmo hopes to help get professionals in the field to take into account the importance of CSR. It offers opportunities to discuss and share experiences in order to co-construct the industry’s best practices together.

This year, Silmo has decided to go one step further in accompanying the optical community on the essential yet sometimes complex path to CSR. the fair launches a Responsible Company prize for progress in social and environmental responsibility.

This prize is open to all exhibitors, and it aims to distinguish one company from the optical sector for its contribution to reducing its environmental footprint and optimizing its social impact. Silmo intends on encouraging emulation rather than competition among companies. A winner will be selected, of course, but the application submission procedure will also make it possible to collect good corporate practices. These good practices will be highlighted to inspire the entire community.

Moreover, all the participating companies will receive a few personalized recommendations in furthering their approach. To combine its knowledge of the optical field with the expertise of a recognized leader in the CSR area, Silmo joins forces with the CSR agency Hyssop, which will develop the specifications for the prize and provide a third-party evaluation of the companies submitting an application.

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