Schneider reveals 9th innovation: an automated dome loader

Source: Schneider

Schneider revealed their newest innovation number 9, the Automated Dome Loader (ADL). With the new machine Schneider automates batch coating for the medium-sized and larger lab, a process that used to be strictly manual. It loads, unloads and flips the lenses if both sides of a lens need AR coating. The ADL is the ideal companion to the powerful and reliable EBC coating systems.

After the smart automation picks up the lens, a camera-based measurement system swiftly detects its orientation. Subsequently, the high-speed robot mounts the lens in a cleverly devised clamping ring to carry it to the coating dome without touching or contaminating its surface. The dome can be easily transferred into the thin film coaters EBC 900 or EBC 1400 where the lenses are vacuum coated.


The system’s exact movements make it a reliable solution, available 24/7, for highest efficiency and throughput. Manual handling is reduced to a minimum, preventing contamination as well as human error. Dome loading as reliable and economical as it gets.


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