Schneider introduces the power lab of the next decade

Digital, powerful, cost-efficient, sustainable, high quality. Groundbreaking new technology based on new philosophies and fresh concepts. This is what the Schneider team has been working tirelessly on and now the curtains will be drawn.

The German pioneer in freeform production announces its largest product release series ever in the company’s history. Starting in July 2021, Schneider will launch 11 innovations over 11 months – one by one on their new microsite. The next generation of Modulo machines shaping the power lab of the next decade. They will extend the Modulo Line with smarter, faster, more powerful and game changing technology, called Modulo ONE.

With that, Schneider accomplishes the vision of an intelligent system, featuring all elements to produce a lens and working together as ONE, facilitating smart decision making and providing all relevant information in real-time. At the finale on May 18th – 22nd, 2022, the power lab will be presented live in action at the biggest DigiCON event ever, at the Schneider headquarters in Fronhausen, Germany.

It is the passion for innovation that drives the president and founder Gunter Schneider and his team. Ever since the presentation of the first freeform generator in 1998 which led to a global paradigm change in the optical industry, the company pursues its mission to inspire with innovative technology, providing labs with what they need to be successful tomorrow and beyond.

In 2012, the company launched the highly integrated Modulo system, combining machines, measurement systems, accessories and conveyors in one single and interlinked unit. As the first fully-integrated lens production system, Modulo pioneered what is nowadays called Industry 4.0 for the ophthalmic industry. Modulo has become an integral part of modern lens manufacturing in the past ten years, producing hundreds of thousands of lenses every day worldwide.

”This next step in the Modulo story will change perceptions once again: Ultimate, all-in automation. We want to create a system that works for you, offering peace of mind that you will hit your throughput goals at lowest cost per lens. The Power-Lab for the next decade is coming”, says Gunter Schneider, founder and president of the Schneider GmbH & Co. KG.
One vision. One philosophy. One system. One future. Modulo ONE.

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