MIDO: Visitor registration opens


Milano Eyewear Show on February 23, 2019 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images for MIDO)

On 28. January MIDO has opened visitor registration. Buyers, designers, entrepreneurs, opticians, ophthalmologists and professionals in the global eyewear supply chain can register for the forthcoming edition of the show, slated for June 5 – 7, 2021 on the MIDO website www.mido.com/en/entry-pass . This subtle yet significant positive sign arrives from the world of trade shows, tools essential to the industrial policy of our country and others.
President Vitaloni said: “MIDO is not ‘just’ the leading global eyewear industry trade show, it has come to symbolize the much-needed relaunch businesses are thirsting for.”

For months MIDO has been busy organizing the next edition of the show, coordinating constantly with the Foreign Ministry and ITA (Italian Trade&Investment Agency) to develop and implement solutions that ensure the utmost safety for the event. These include rapid testing, temperature checks and the so-called “green corridors”, crucial to securing a bilateral agreement for business travelers inbound and outbound from non-EU countries, like the USA.

“MIDO is a necessity – stated MIDO President Giovanni Vitaloni. It is not ‘simply’ the leading global eyewear industry trade show, it has also come to symbolize the much-needed relaunch businesses are thirsting for. In light of the evolving health crisis, and especially the immunization campaign – which we are watching closely and with a bit of apprehension – we are taking all the measures in our control to open the doors to MIDO on June 5th. We are a tool at the service of the eyewear industry, and the industry is asking us for a sign that will restore hope to the marketplace.”

This does not shift the focus from the virtual show: the new digital platform will soon be launched and will welcome exhibitors and buyers who cannot be present at the event. Certainly, a valuable element, but one that cannot replace an in-person experience. “In our sector – continued Vitaloni – the digital showcase makes it possible to create cool settings in which to display products and fully engage those who cannot participate in person; but the physical experience, in an appropriately prepared venue, in keeping with the times, is a must.”

A taste of the extent to which in-person eyewear events play a role and add essential value was apparent in Florence at DaTE in September, the only in-person eyewear industry event held in 2020. “We really pushed for it – concluded Vitaloni – and the reactions of visitors and exhibitors acknowledged the courage and the financial returns which, under the circumstances, were quite interesting. But, what mattered most was being able to meet safely, which brought a real injection of confidence and optimism. Now, more than ever, we need to restore this confidence and only MIDO can help us regain it.”

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