IOT has launched reactivation plan for partners

IOT Restart program

IOT has launched ‘IOT restart’, a personalized plan for customers to reactivate their operations and “return to normality”. The motto of the program is “more united than ever to achieve new successes”. The company sees teamwork, sharing information, knowledge and best practice as essential to recover in these difficult times.

The restart program is designed to offer customers technical, sales and marketing support so that they can successfully open their laboratories and recover their activity as soon as possible.

One of the most relevant aspects of this program is the local commerce support campaign since most of IOT’s current partners sell locally. The company is aware of the importance of this type of business as a cornerstone of local economies in generating employment and social welfare.

In an effort to help its partners reduce the consequences of this complex moment, the company has further increased communication with all its partners in recent months, in addition to boosting its consulting services and technical support.




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