CoreTBA: The Block-less Freeform lens production system from MEI

MEI Core TBA. Source: MEI

This new machine represents a game changer in the industry and a revolution in the lens generation process. With its Block-free system, for the first time in history, labs can avoid using tapes, blocks, and wax, or Alloy. This means that it’s not necessary to have taping, de-taping, blocking, and de-blocking machines in the production line anymore. Moreover, with its Dry Cut technology, the CoreTBA doesn’t need a water filtering system and helps you save money and protect the environment. CoreTBA includes seven essential stages of the lens production process in one single unit, with the smallest footprint on the market. All processes, from the digital generation, through the engraving, polishing, and washing, are integrated into one unit. In order to achieve a short machining cycle, all processes occur in parallel, and every section of the unit is fed by a tray conveyor system and digitally controlled loading arms. Visit

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