LensWare presents several innovations at Mido

LensWare lab monitor screen. Source: LensWare
LensWare lab monitor screen. Source: LensWare


At the upcoming Mido 2024, many new features will be introduced among many of LensWare modules within their LabManagementSystem.


A special focus will be brought on new functions of LensCalculation, especially for knife edge which becomes always more and more important as labs implement automatic polishers, avoiding cutting the soft polishing tools. Furthermore, some brand new functionalities allow to have a higher control on critical geometry calculation before processing, which are of high value for labs working with the fully automatic calculation process.


LensWare will also take the opportunity to introduce the latest LensProductionControl which had to be developed significantly further, in order to achieve the great breakthrough of paper-less production, including the lot management at the coating! It is now reality with all the advantages – you will spontaneously understand in terms of the environment friendliness, as well as in terms of the operation cost savings!


And in order to complete LensWare technologies, managing today the lens production flow with an unmatched level of efficiency, they will present, with their partner LENSGO, the LabMonitor visualizing real-time process indicators (K.P.I.), so labs control and drive the operation, reacting immediately should any indicator alert in a situation to be checked and adjusted.

With regard to the company development, LensWare is also very pleased to announce their engagement in Asia and Central America, after having opened local technical support in China and Colombia, which are key facts to accompany their strong developments in these regions.

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