Coburn Technologies announces new ProCoat hard lens coating

ProCoat for hard lens coating

Coburn Technologies, Inc. is pleased to introduce ProCoat, their most robust and feature-rich hard coating for backside lens coaters. ProCoat is the “pro” when it comes to unsurpassed abrasion resistance, adhesion, tintability, clarity and stability.

Expertly formulated by their experienced coating development team, ProCoat delivers higher abrasion resistance and offers a greater degree of adhesion across a broad range of lens materials while also providing unsurpassed tintability. Alex Incera, Coburn’s president, explains; “ProCoat is the outcome of our latest coating development efforts to push the envelope of the performance of UV-curable spin coatings. The functional performance of this coating will be attractive to large commercial labs and small independents alike. You no longer have to sacrifice abrasion resistance for tintability and vice versa.” He continues, “And our coatings are based on Hybrid Cross Linking Technology™ (HCLT) allowing us to optimize performance across multiple parameters including adhesion, abrasion resistance, yields and tintability.”

Like Coburn’s UVMAX and DURA-UV, ProCoat is approved for use in competitive coating systems, is fast curing and achieves higher yields at a lower cost so labs can be sure they are making a solid investment toward their lens coating operations. ProCoat is also free of volatile solvents, making it safer to ship and handle.
For additional information about Coburn Technologies and their new ProCoat hard coating, visit or call 1-800-COBURN-1.

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