Anti-fog coating for Coburn´s velocity lens coater now available

Coburn Technologies announced that Visgard UV Anti-Fog Coating is now available for use in their Velocity Spin Coater platform. Since Coburn’s acquisition by SDC Technologies, their development teams have been hard at work to enable Coburn’s lens coater to dispense SDC’s  coatings. Now, not only can labs apply high performance hard coatings like ProCoat, UVMAX, and DURA-UV, but also a permanent anti-fog coating that delivers best-in-class abrasion, chemical, and UV resistance.

“Visgard UV Anti-Fog Coating by FSI Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of SDC Technologies, is specifically formulated for spin coating application with an easy-to-use single coat system,” said Alex Incera, President of Coburn Technologies, Inc. “This product performs extremely well within our Velocity platform. We are very pleased with the results, and incorporating Visgard UV with Velocity is just one of the many innovations to come from our partnership with SDC Technologies.”

Coburn’s latest generation of the Velocity technology, Velocity 2D, allows labs to apply two different coatings in one comprehensive, inline system. As a result of this development, one of those coatings can be Visgard UV which will be automatically applied if the job calls for it. The demand for anti-fog lenses is higher than ever, and Visgard UV offers a permanent solution with durability that withstands numerous environmental factors.

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