Source: Schneider

Schneider has revaled their seventh innovation, a new one-of-a-kind generator that excels on every level. With an added performance of more than 50%, Schneider describes the HSC Modulo ONE as not just a little bit better but as a revolution: “It is virtually the power of two generators in ONE and forms the very heart of the Power Lab of the Next Decade – Modulo ONE”,  announced the company.



What makes it so exceptionally fast?

  • A brand new kinematic concept for even faster process times.
  • The proven two-motor concept featuring the powerful XS-Tec motor and the robust RS-Tec motor for maximum versatility in processing.
  • A new ultra-fast workpiece changer.

The result: insane generating speed and performance at the same lens quality known from Schneider generators. Labs relying on Modulo benefit from virtually guaranteed throughput and lowest cost per lens.