Shamir launches Metaform a new lens manufacturing technology

After years of research and co-development with Satisloh, Shamir is proud to present Metaform, its nano structure lens manufacturing technology that offers a new breed of compromise-free superpowered lenses with all the optical, physical features and coating built-in.
Metaform enables the production of a new type of lens that does not currently exist in the market – enhancing any lens, in any index, with a range of capabilities in a unique manufacturing process.

In a world of unprecedented choices, we often find ourselves trading off safety for aesthetics, fast service for high quality. All the latest technologies have made us impatient about having to compromise and this is especially true when it comes to eyeglasses. The new technology answers this need with a new lens that is super strong, thin, light and coated with all the elements coexisting without compromise.

The technology creates a new breed of lenses by rapidly fusing a multi-feature Preform overlay, which combines a range of optical and physical properties, with any lens, in an eco-friendly thermoforming station. The Preform contains a super resistant optical film which is also used by the automobile, aviation and space industry, including NASA, due to its impact resistance qualities – enabling a thinner and lighter lens.
This technology superpowers lenses in one go. The result is a new lens that is up to 18 times stronger than the FDA standard requirement and up to 40% thinner and lighter than standard lenses (in minus lenses) with the coating built in.

According to Yagen Moshe, CEO of Shamir Optical Industry, “The optical industry underwent a revolution with the launch of Freeform, and with Metaform, we are proud to bring to the world the next technological revolution in the world of optics, breaking the boundaries of what’s possible in lens production.” He adds, “Shamir has always been known for revolutionizing customer experience with new innovations. The Metaform technology takes our performance even further than before, using special materials and algorithms ensuring rapid production, uniform quality from lens to lens and clearer vision.”

In addition, the Metaform production process is up to 80% more energy efficient than many of the alternatives, using minimal water, chemical and energy consumption, leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint and minimizing impact on the environment.

Metaform will be launched in Portugal, followed by Italy, Canada, Israel and the rest of Shamir’s locations worldwide.
Shamir is proud to lead the optical industry with this latest innovation, designed to offer compromise free superpowered lenses for those who need to correct their vision with the newest technological means. As this is considered the technological platform of the future, other features will be added over time.

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