Schoolchildren receive free pair of eyeglasses with 3D printed lenses

Luxexcel, developer of 3D lens print technology and IFB Solutions a North Carolina based nonprofit, celebrate one year of partnership. To mark the anniversary, nearly 20 local schoolchildren received a free pair of eyeglasses and a comprehensive eye exam. The eyeglasses featured lenses made with IFB’s 3D printer developed by Luxexcel. The 3D printer at IFB Solutions is the world’s first commercial 3D printer of ophthalmic lenses.

For several of the children, this is their first pair of eyeglasses. According to Prevent Blindness America, one in four school-age children has vision problems that, if left untreated, can affect learning ability, personality, and adjustment in school. Providing eyeglasses to the school children is something both IFB Solutions and Luxexcel hope will help them in the classroom.

“One of our biggest challenges in public education is meeting all the needs of children. Their medical, health and physical needs happen beyond the classroom, but those needs are critically important to a child’s educational success.  That’s why we are so grateful to have community partners like IFB Solutions and Luxexcel.  Their gift of eyeglasses gives these students the gift of vision, something we could never do alone. At school and at home, vision is a vital part of a child’s overall well-being,” said Michael Pesce, WS/FCS Director of Social Work.

IFB Solutions and Luxexcel have been partners in bringing 3D printing to the optical industry. IFB Solutions uses the technology to help service its optical contracts with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. IFB’s optical lab, staffed primarily by individuals who are blind, averages nearly 1,200 pairs of eyeglasses per day with the majority going to military veterans and their families. Danny Kelly – Chief Operating Officer, IFB Solutions: “What better way to celebrate our partnership with Luxexcel than to help children in the classroom. We are not only joining forces to bring innovation to the optical industry, but we’re also introducing the next generation to new technology that will help them succeed. It’s a win-win for all of us.”

Over the past 12 months, 5000 lenses have been printed on several VisionPlatforms™ installed in the USA and Europe, to bring the technology to a level where commercial lenses are being shipped to customers every day. Guido Groet- Chief Commercial Officer, Luxexcel: “The cool technology of 3D printing is for everyone, especially for the next generation. It is great to enable the children to succeed in the classroom by providing eyeglasses together with IFB Solutions. A great way to improve lives and to celebrate our innovative partnership”.

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