opti 2022: Spotlight on myopia management – Opticians, optometrists and eye specialists, all working together

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The last two years also marked a boost to digitalisation in people’s private lives. Working from home and home schooling during the day, reading the news on smart phones or tablets and facetiming family and friends in the evenings. In these times of intensive use of mobile phones and similar devices, the subject of short-sightedness has become all the more important across all aspects of eye care. For this reason, myopia management is one of the key topics of the special opti show to be held at the Fairground Munich from 13 to 15 May 2022.

Short-sightedness normally begins at primary school age. In our part of the world, it currently affects one in three children up until puberty and then nearly 50 per cent of young adults. As evidenced by a recent Chinese study, coronavirus acted as a turbocharger for myopia among schoolchildren. By 2050, five billion people are likely to be short-sighted.


Myopia management is interprofessional
There are ways to slow down or even stop myopisation, however, in which opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists play a decisive role, said Mareike Noé, M.Sc. Optometry Marketing Manager at Visall GmbH: “Myopia management is about informing children and parents about the possible risks and any recommended changes in behaviour, presenting the various treatment options and selecting the best course of action together in order to slow down the progression of the myopia.” Visall is an expert in the field of myopia management and is represented as such at opti 2022 in Munich.

Hoya Vision Care will also be displaying how innovative myopia management works at the international trade show for optics & design from 13 to 15 May. Patrick Bartz, Technical Product Manager Marketing at Hoya as one of the world’s largest spectacle lens manufacturers: “Myopia management involves a holistic consideration of the development of short-sightedness among children and young people. This is not simply about optimal correction but also about interprofessional cooperation for the eye health of those affected. For this reason, alongside refraction, it also involves a risk analysis covering various aspects such as eye length and myopia corresponding with age, viewing habits and binocular status.”

Next opti FORUM XT on this topic
The importance of myopia management to the industry is shown by the popularity of the topic in the webinar series opti FORUM XT. Following on from last autumn’s successful edition, viewers will have another opportunity to benefit from this free knowledge transfer at 7.30 pm on Thursday 28. April 2022. “Is the contact lens at risk of losing its dominant position in controlling myopia? Will myopia management become a service for the masses in the near future?” These and other questions are then discussed with experts. And of course, short-sightedness will be one of the key focus areas of the special opti show taking place two weeks later, as can be seen by a glance at the trade fair’s Exhibitor Directory.

Covid-safe in four halls
Tickets for opti 2022, which will be held at the Fairground Munich from 13 to 15 May, are only available online at www.opti.de/tickets/. Together with the contactless entrance, the spacious layout, frequent air exchange and intensive cleaning schedule will ensure safety and well-being across the four halls. Visitors are advised to wear face masks.

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