MIDO digital edition has closed but B2N platform continues

The doors closed on MIDO 2021 | Digital Edition, the  global eyewear event, in an online version – this year for the first time ever in the history of this trade show. At the same time the date is set for February 12, 2022 to finally gather again in person at MIDO in Milano.

Almost 50,000 interactions on the business platform, 438 display pages, over 5,700 registered users, 50% international attendance. These are the numbers of the “transition” edition – between the pandemic and February 2022 – that reaffirm, even in this immersive format, MIDO’s international appeal, its leadership role in the industry and its ability to generate business.

MIDO’s B2B trading continues on the platform, putting buyers and exhibitors in contact until the next edition. Across all 24 time zones, ongoing transactions between exhibitors and visitors from around the world contribute to the recovery of global trade and to jumpstarting the eyewear market.

Geographically speaking, the majority of participants in this edition were European, followed by Americans and Asians. There was also a substantial presence of journalists from around the globe (more than 100 accredited) who followed the events, visited the exhibitors’ virtual stands and wrote stories about the innovative, new event. It was the first virtual eyewear exhibition to be certified through strict inspection and testing by ISF CERT, to guarantee proper, uniform and transparent measurement of pertinent information to represent the “dimensions” of the virtual trade event, as occurs with the physical show.

This format offered more than 30 exclusive events – all available on line – and 60 speakers, an array of prominent guests who alternated throughout the thrilling show. The list included major stars from different creative fields: photographer Albert Watson, chef Massimo Bottura, designer Fabio Novembre, as well as an A-list of stars from the global eyewear and design galaxies, along with experts and technical savants who hosted the lounges and rooms dedicated to eyewear professionals where specific topics of interest to the industry were explored.
Eyewear was the core focus of this unique  exchange of ideas that spanned the three days of the show, but the interplay between art, culture, fashion, current events, design and technology also played a key role. It was a time to reflect and, above all, to build the future.

“The first ever MIDO 2021 I Digital Edition has closed and we are extremely pleased with the outcome, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the entire team,” stated MIDO President Giovanni Vitaloni. “Despite the very turbulent year that put us to the test, we were able to strengthen and build new confidence and trust, and we produced a digital trade show that came as close as possible to an in-person fair. There was a multitude of users and interactions, many more than expected. Thus, we are even more eager to return to meeting in person at Milano next year, while reassessing the expedience of the online format that allowed us to reach new exhibitors and visitors,” he concluded.

An on-line formula that made it possible to engage the audience in several successful initiatives. The Trivia by MIDO contest sent many searching for answers and fun facts about the history of eyewear. For the 3 days of the event, all users of the platform could respond to 14 questions about the coolest accessory. The winner (with the most correct answers in the least amount of time) was Francesca Benedetti by Optikid, Roma and she will receive a special gift.
This year, the BeStore award, went to Kempkes Optiek by Carlo van Kleij (Holland) for the Design Category and to Optician Store by Romica Romascu (Romania) for the Innovation Category. Users of the digital platform also elected the Your BeStore, a special category in the Contest section, where everyone could vote for their favorite optical shop: the winner was Eyes on Sheppard by Kerry Salsberg (Canada).
All of the events during the 3 days are available on the platform.


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