MAFO team: business as usual (almost)

The MAFO editorial and commercial team is there for you as usual to ensure that you continue to be provided with the latest information from the industry. Even under the Covid-19 circumstances there are no restrictions on our work.

MAFO – The Conference is also not canceled. It is now scheduled for July, 4, the (new) day before Mido 2020.  Like everybody else we have to reserve the right to make changes in view of the still evolving situation but we’re staying positive and hope that the health crisis will dissolve soon and that Mido and with it our conference can take place as planned.

At the publishing house, we naturally took the necessary precautions to help contain the virus. The nature of our work has allowed us to do a lot from home for a long time, so that we are lucky that we can rely on proven structures.

For many of you, the transition to the new and still unpredictable situation is certainly more difficult. We would like to know and report on how you deal with it, which questions and problems arise and which steps you take. And also how you experience this changed reality, which presents us all with unknown challenges, both professionally and personally.

Write us an email about your perspective and experiences. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

And most importantly: stay healthy!





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