Horizons Optical in the US

Santiago Soler. Photo: Horizons Optical

Horizons Optical, an international R&D company placed in Barcelona, Spain, that is focused on the development and distribution of technology for the optical industry, has settled a subsidiary in the US, Horizons Optical of America (HOA).

In 2021, the growth of Horizons was over 40%, almost doubling the number of laboratories that have decided to trust Horizons Optical solutions and innovation. It is due to this reason, combined with an ambitious target of reaching at least 50 new locations during 2022, why Horizons decided to open a subsidiary in US. The opening of the subsidiary goes through the creation of customer service and commercial attention. The recent set up subsidiary placed in Lewisville, Texas, will be providing technology and services all around US and LATAM markets as well as Canada, being closer and supplying Horizons Optical partners with efficient service.

A professional reinforced team is leading the new subsidiary on one side with Ulises Pérez, responsible for the technical customer support department and with Albert Pogorschelske, leading the commercial team. Both experienced professionals in optical industry will meet challenges with a multi-disciplinary team and will be supported by advanced equipment in lens design and coating analysis.

Santiago Soler, CEO of Horizons Optical, stated: “The opening of a new branch office in the United States is a milestone for Horizons Optical. We are very proud and excited to be able to start operating in this market, which is full of opportunities and growth possibilities for the company. Our purpose is to bring differentiation to the US market though the distribution of unique and patented technologies, we offer solutions covered with 9 patents, prove of our innovation and uniqueness. We will continue to work with a first-class team to further strengthen our positioning as one of the leaders in innovation in our industry and to offer the best service to our customers”.

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