A&R changes its ownership

With his retirement in view, the founder and main shareholder of Automation & Robotics (A&R), Christian Closset, created a plan for the future of the company that combines his own wishes and the strategy of the Walloon Regional Investment Company (SRIW), i.e. to maintain the business in the region. The management and the staff of A&R will progressively buy the shares of the historical shareholders and SRIW ones. Two new companies were born for the combination of management and employee buy-out: Automation & Robotics Holding which owns 100% of the operational company shares, coming from the initial shareholders (Closset Family and 2 directors) and A&R partners (gathering the A&R employees who invested).

Currently, 140 employees are working at A&R, with a hundred based in Belgium. The company has subsidiaries in the USA, China, Brazil, and Thailand. All Belgian employees were invited to invest in the capital of the new holding company via A&R partners. 86% of the eligible staff adheres to the share acquisition plan over roughly 10 years.

The employees and managers have subscribed the shares of A&R Partners, which acquired itself 20.8% of the A&R Holding from the initial shareholders. The SRIW invested 3.8 M. € in the A&R Holding capital, which corresponds to 25%. Till 2022, A&R Partners and the SRIW will reach 51% of the capital. Till 2029, A&R Partners will continue acquiring shares in order to become the majority shareholder. Read more soon on www.ar.be/en





Christian Closset, the founder of A&R



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