Silmo 2024 looking ahead to optics in 2035

The 2024 Silmo Paris trade fair is getting ready to welcome all of the players from the optics sector from 20 to 23 September with more than 900 exhibitors participating in the event and 1,500 brands from 144 countries throughout the world on hand to showcase their offers. This key event will take place at a 75,000 m² venue (Halls 6 & 7), offering a top-tier platform for an in-depth look at the latest technological developments, product innovations and trends that are shaping the future of the optics industry on a global scale.

SilmoParis covers all components of the sector: eyewear, lenses, machines, point of sale layouts and stands, retail chains and central purchasing groups, training, etc. As an international crossroads for business, the trade fair also owes its success to the many tools for review and analysis as well as the unique spaces for exchanging ideas to better envision the future of the optics-eyewear industry, grouped together under the banner of Silmo Next. This concept explains the trade fair’s intention to be at the cutting edge of the aesthetic and technological challenges of a sector firmly focused on the future.

Eric Lenoir, Director of the Silmo trade fairs, underscores the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the optics industry: “From smart, AI-equipped eyeglass design to revolutionary tools for opticians, the possibilities are wide reaching. Imagine eyewear that can instantly translate a language through an integrated camera or mechanisms that pre-emptively detect serious health issues such as heart attacks or Parkinson’s disease. This rapid development requires the rapid adaptation of professionals because without adequate training, AI could potentially replace traditional opticians.

At the same time, the emergence of technologies such as in-shop 3D printing are redefining eyewear fabrication with increased automation, thus reducing the impact on the environment. […] In fact, Meta announced that connected glasses will replace smartphones in several years, transforming the optician’s traditional role. To remain essential players, professionals must reinvent the shop experience, re-centring the offer on customer service and innovation, while reworking the economic model in order to stay competitive in the coming decade.”

2024 Silmo Paris continues to highlight its intention to remain at the fore of the aesthetic and technological challenges of an industry looking ahead into the future. From 20 to 23 September, the fair’s different dedicated spaces will offer the chance to discover the optics-eyewear industry of the future, reflecting this ambition to continually stay one step ahead.


“Optics in 2035” Set up on different complementary areas, the “Futurology” space invites visitors to take an immersive dive into the future of optics with exciting prospects for 2025 through 2035. Technological innovations and interactive experiences show the sector’s different future paths that visitors can discover as a range of test benches.

1. The shop/workshop of tomorrow

2. Central area: the latest innovations

3. AR/VR/XR Experimental area

And the “Futurology” space that explores near and distant futures reflects the Trends Echibition which offers a look at the images, shapes, colours and materials of different eyewear, a comprehensive overview that sheds light on the best eyeglasses and sunglasses from the exhibitors at the trade fair. A stage design completed by an edition of Trends by SILMO constructed as a real trend book.

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