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Published in English, MAFO – Ophthalmic Labs & Industry is the independent journal for producers, managers and distributors in ophthalmic optics worldwide. lt is designed to reflect the interests of the manufacturing side of labs and industry but also importers and exporters as well as the vertical distribution of the big chains. Editorial contents will be planned to engage the interest of optical business owners, managers, marketing management, researchers and engineers, together with staff recruiters and trainers.
MAFO – Ophthalmic Labs & Industry is a journal dedicated to optical business. Its aim: to provide a well-balanced, interesting mix of features with practical new information und management insights. The publisher and editorial team have in-depth experience. They are supported by an international editorial board of experts, to help to plan und to develop the journal concept. The general editorial content is: materials, surfacing and coating of lenses, FreeForm, management and marketing matters and very important: interviews and company profiles.

MAFO – Special topics in 2021

To underline the competence of the journal, the publisher organizes the yearly international MAFO – The Conference in Milan on the day before Mido. Internationally well known and perceived experts from management, marketing, R&D-departments, consultants and universities give businesslike lectures with technical content. These lectures are published in MAFO during the coming year.


Media Planning Guide

Please download the Media Planning Guide for the prices and more information about advertising in MAFO.



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