IbisVision to launch refraction technology for over-the-Internet eye prescriptions

IbisVision, the Glasgow-based company that’s leading the move to remote and over-the-Internet eyecare, has unveiled breakthrough technology, the first of its kind, that allows for optometrists to determine a prescription over the Internet, with hardware that’s a fraction of the cost of traditional eyecare systems.

The company, backed by a consortium led by Miami-based Compiler VC in a recent $5.6 million funding round, will launch its updated Ibis-Connect platform at the Vision Expo West conference in Las Vegas later this month.

The company announced: “It is envisaged that many of the larger US optical players, as well as regional operators and independent optical businesses, will be interested in what is the first truly objective over-the-Internet technology from which to prescribe corrective lenses. Not only does the system just require a simple internet connection, the patient uses a proprietary Remote Refraction Tool (RRT) that costs a few cents to produce, compared to the traditional machines that can cost thousands of dollars for opticians to acquire”.

The system aligns with IbisVision’s philosophy of delivering eyecare and treatment over the Internet, while maintaining clinical excellence and the full involvement of eyecare professionals. The platform, which is currently undergoing rigorous clinical trials, can work through the most basic of computers and Internet connections and uses a simple and intuitive interface to ensure high quality reliable readings from the patient, all overseen by eyecare professionals based wherever the optometry business chooses. The technology builds on IbisVision’s existing eye-health Internet platform, whose capabilities have expanded from a single test to now offering 11 different eye exams, and bases its accuracy on being able to continually measure the patient’s distance from the camera on their computer.

Source: IbisVision


Ultimately, the technology allows for a full end-to-end remote experience for patients who may be too busy or find it difficult to attend a clinic in person. The issuing of prescriptions can be combined with existing technology that allows patients to try various glasses virtually to find the best fit, look and style.


The company is ready to engage with clients – it’s FDA listed, CE marked and HIPAA compliant – and has opened an office in Miami to oversee its business throughout the US.


Commenting on the launch, IbisVision CEO Mark Roger said “This is the breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for – allowing an optometrist to test for and issue a prescription online. This opens up huge potential not only in making eyecare available to all, but in turbocharging e-commerce behind the optometry industry, and allowing for optometrists to serve communities without investing vast amounts in cumbersome machinery. We’re delighted to be launching this at the world’s biggest optometry Expo where we expect to receive strong support and interest.”


Safilo and Amazon announce new Carrera Smart Glasses with Alexa

Safilo and Amazon announce new Carrera Smart Glasses with Alexa

Carrera Smart Glasses with Alexa blend Safilo’s Italian design with Carrera’s iconic frame design and Alexa technology. The “Cruiser” sunglasses model provides UV protection and up to six hours of continuous media playback or continuous talk time on a full battery charge. Source: Safilo Group

Safilo Group, one of the eyewear industry’s key players of prescription frames and sunglasses,  and Amazon.com – announce the launch of new Carrera Smart Glasses with Alexa, blending Safilo’s Italian design with Alexa technology into two iconic frames.

With open-ear audio technology, the new Carrera Smart Glasses direct sound to the ears without covering them, while minimizing what others around can hear. Customers can get up to six hours of continuous media playback or continuous talk time on a full battery charge.

“Safilo has always looked to the future with an innovative approach, and this is why we are very proud to collaborate with Amazon on this innovative project, offering our Italian design and the unique style of Carrera Eyewear,” said Angelo Trocchia, CEO of Safilo Group. “Furthermore, we are proud to combine our well-established traditional wholesale distribution model – which encompasses eyecare retailers, chains, department stores, specialized retailers, and boutiques – with Amazon’s incredible online distribution.”

“Safilo delivers expertise in the eyewear industry and Carrera’s iconic frame designs are a natural fit for smart eyewear and builds upon our vision for Alexa and ambient intelligence. With the new Carrera Smart Glasses we’re offering customers even more options for stylish smart eyewear,” said Jean Wang, Director Smart Eyewear at Amazon.

Carrera Smart Glasses with Alexa are available on US Market only.The Carrera Smart Glasses with Alexa will be available for purchase on Amazon.com, us.carreraworld.com and from select opticians. Customers can sign up online to be notified when pre-orders begin.

Source: Safilo Group

New photochromic system for optical albs allows on-demand production

New photochromic system for optical albs allows on-demand production

CrystalChrome Photochromic Spin Coating System and Coatings Suite. Source: Coburn Technologies

Coburn Technologies, a leading provider of computer-integrated ophthalmic lens processing systems and ophthalmic instruments, in collaboration with SDC Technologies (SDC), a recognized global leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance specialty coatings, will launch CrystalChrome, an innovative photochromic system for optical labs at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas.

“This novel lens coating technology brings an exciting dimension to Coburn’s acclaimed spin coating offering and represents the first major product development collaboration with its new parent, SDC, combining Coburn’s spin coating know how with SDC’s coating expertise”, announced the company.
CrystalChrome allows optical labs the ability to transform any clear semi-finished blank or surfaced lens into a high-quality photochromic lens.

Photochromic is a growing segment in the industry. Traditionally, labs that offer these products maintain a substantial inventory of photochromic semi-finished blanks in a variety of materials and colors to provide timely delivery to their customers. CrystalChrome enables on-demand production of photochromic lenses, reducing costs of delivering these premium products and eliminating inventory of semi-finished blanks while still allowing for quick turn-around.

“The new CrystalChrome technology is a breakthrough opportunity for optical labs to incorporate their very own photochromic lens coating process,” stated Coburn Technologies, Inc. President, Alex Incera. “Now labs can provide high performance light-reactive lenses to their customers in less time and at a lower cost than traditional sourcing methods.”

“In development of the CrystalChrome photochromic coating solutions, we ensured that the final product would offer high performance on all lens materials, fast darkening and fading speeds, and excellent durability and stability,” stated SDC Technologies President and CEO, Richard Chang. “Optical labs can expect best-in-class performance through our patented proprietary coatings that are tailored for front-side spin coating. The CrystalChrome system and coatings will streamline lab processes and enhance profitability.”

The CrystalChrome system can be easily integrated into any lab and is capable of meeting dynamic production needs, regardless of lens material. CrystalChrome delivers outstanding value and can prove to be highly profitable for many labs. CrystalChrome will be on display for the first time at the Coburn Technologies booth F6065 at Vision Expo West at The Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada from September 27-30.

Fifth LensWare Convention in Langen (Germany)

Fifth LensWare Convention in Langen (Germany)

The global LensWare team. Source: LensWare

From 3rd to 8th of July the fifth LensWare Convention took place. For this purpose, the office crew and all international consultants met for one week in Langen, to integrally discuss about latest developments in projects, modules and requirements, and to furtherly agree the strategy in the different markets. After an evolutionary growth over the last 15 years, meanwhile about 250 lab partner LMS IT projects are managed by 22 committed “LensWare crew” members in all continents of the world. At this year´s convention decisive topics were discussed. For instance the concentration on the extension of the “production LMS” by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) components (sales, inventory) and supply chain logistics components, as well as the innovated version of LensOrder WEB, licensed by different LensWare partners. Furthermore, different events in the evening cared for team relaxation after the laborious technical sessions. LensWare furtherly will put emphasis on organic growth and a perfect customer support, as well as on achieving maximum stability and implementing features for monitoring of the LMS package, to maximize availability of this utter complex IT solution.

flō announces collaboration with Weizmann Institute of Science regarding advanced materials for optical use

flō announces collaboration with Weizmann Institute of Science regarding advanced materials for optical use

Bild von Elisa auf Pixabay

The israeli start-up flō has signed an exclusive license agreement with Yeda Research and Development regarding the use of Weizmann Advanced Materials used for optical coatings to be applied via flō’s proprietary Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology. These optical coatings were developed by Prof. Milko van der Boom and his team.

flō seeks to transform the ophthalmic market by providing digitized coating solutions through Additive Manufacturing technology via unique multi-material and multi-layering techniques. This innovative approach provides ophthalmic labs with new possibilities regarding coating options that are both improved in terms of functionalities and that are offered at a lower price states the company.

Given the complexity of the technology, it was imperative for flō to partner with the prestigious institution – the Weizmann Institute of Science. flō’s CEO & Chairman Jonathan Jaglom stated.

“We are humbled by this partnership. The Institute’s vast know-how regarding advanced materials in optics, coupled with its amazing academic talent, gives us unprecedented access to innovation resources. We have the advanced technology, staff, and the right partnerships in place – a recipe for success.”

The Challenge

Optical lenses invariably require suitable protective coatings. These coatings range in function and vary according to customer needs. Today’s coating technology is non-digital (analog), whereby lenses are typically dipped into a solution (wet processes). However, this process is time costly, labor intensive, and is often performed manually. Furthermore, because this process is analog, repeatability becomes more difficult, often resulting in defects. According to Dr. Vered Pardo Yissar, Business Development Director:

“flō is uniquely positioned to bring new and innovative solutions regarding ophthalmic coatings. These unique multi-material and multi-layered coatings can be used to accurately apply a variety of coating dyes. We are very excited about the developments already in place between the respective teams.”

The Solution

A digital process using flō’s proprietary technology offers vast improvements in optical coatings regarding functionality, cost, quality, sustainability, and more. The ability to control the coating process down to the level of micro-sized pixels opens a wide new range of design possibilities. flō’s CTO & Founder, Dr. Claudio Rottman, stated:

“The partnership with the Weizmann Institute provides new possibilities for ophthalmic coatings, and the combination of advanced materials with AM technology will lead to significant breakthroughs. Having Israel’s brightest minds to help us in our search for new solutions makes this partnership even more exciting.”

New OptoTech VISTA – Automated Cosmetic Inspection System

New OptoTech VISTA – Automated Cosmetic Inspection System

OptoTech VISTA: Source: Optotech

The new OptoTech VISTA is especially designed for detecting and localizing defects on ophthalmic lenses. Its integrated optical system screens the lens surface for any irregularities and reliably localizes a comprehensive range of different defect categories that are almost invisible to the human eye (Minimal defect size 50μm). It is also optimized to detect coating defects which makes the system suitable for quality control after the coating process. State of the art algorithms result in minimal evaluation time of approx. 12 seconds/lens and thus allow a productivity of up to 300 lenses/h. The intelligent system uses Big Data for targeted decision making. Configurable error zones (different number and error size per zone) are possible to adapt the VISTA to the Lab‘s individual quality standards. The VISTA comes in a new design concept that combines functionality and a compact footprint for easy integration with a modern look. Visit www.optotech.net